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Mindray Medical · BS-800M Clinical Chemisty Analyzer

Sample throughput: Constant 800 tests/h, up to 1.200 tests/h with ISE

No of parallel samples: Up to 68 on-board chemistry tests

Dimensions: 1.600 × 1.200 × 1.015 mm (w × h × d)

Weight: ≤ 450 kg for analytical unit, 150 kg for SDM


  • Modular system: flexible connection
  • HbA1c smart sampling, automatic hemolysis
  • Accurate: high pipetting precision, coolant circulation reagent refrigeration direct solid-heating system, effective mixing unit and intelligent clot detection
  • Innovative: reagent bubble detection, dot light source and water quality monitor
  • Cost-efficient: large capacity with SDM racking system, 100 μl minimum reaction volume, one key STAT, continuous reagent loading and unloading
  • Original calibrators with traceability 

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