Wearever – Incontinence undergarments


Wearever – Incontinence undergarments

WHO: Urinary Incontinence (UI) affects 10-36% of population. International Continence Society: 120 million men and 301 million women are affected by UI. Most studies report UI prevalence at 25–45%. Prevalence increases with age (over 40% women older than 70 years).

Wearever® addresses the needs in these market segments:

  • Urology Care: Post-Partum, Post-Surgery in Hospital and Home Care. 
  • Continence Care: Male / Female reusable underwear is used instead of absorbent single-use pads. 

Urinary Incontinence market opportunities:

  • High value repeat business.
  • Significant market and sales growth potential. 
  • Low investment.
  • Unique niche high quality products. 

Wearever®’s benefits:

  • Contains the urine with high capacity, prevents it from penetrating through the garment.
  • Traps liquid, controls odor.
  • Stylish underwear.
  • Economy: Washed and reused 200+ times, less costly than disposable diapers.
  • Seamless underwear minimizes pressure sores.
  • Breathable woven underwear, enhancing skin care.
  • Easy: No fixation device needed (tape, straps used in diapers).

Distributor profile: Entrepreneurial, successful sales in homecare.

Website: https://jdhmedical.com/product-category/wearever

Email: medical@jdhintl.com

>> J.D. Honigberg is at MEDICA: Hall 16 / D18-1


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