The global Research and Development Centre for Life Science

Olympus, which recently opened the global Research and Development Centre for Life Science in Munich, will invest around euro 15m in this project.

Photo: The global Research and Development Centre for Life Science

By 2009, the centre will employ an estimated 450 people,  bringing together a highly-qualified team from many fields for interdisciplinary work.  Dr Helmut Köhler, Executive Managing Director of Olympus Life Science Europa GmbH and Olympus Life Science Research Europa GmbH, said that, in addition to early disease detection, the company’s objective is individualised disease prevention, analysis and prevention along with follow-up treatment. The Munich centre will focus on taking in vitro diagnostics, laboratory automation, molecular biology, digital image processing and microscopy applications to the next level.
Over the last four years, in the European life sciences sector, Olympus has achieved growth rates averaging 15.8% in microscopy and 10.4% in diagnostics, placing the firm as one of the leading companies in these markets. Tsuyoshi Kikukawa, President of the Olympus Corporation, added: ‘With our new global Research and Development Centre in Munich we have created the foundation for future sustained grown in this business segment.’


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