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Beckman Coulter · DxC 700 AU

Dimensions: 1,300 × 1,250 × 890 mm (h × w × d)

Weight: 460 kg

Sample throughput: 800-1,200 / h

Power consumption: 200-240 W


Designed to meet the needs of mid- to high-volume clinical laboratories, the DxC 700 AU reduces the number of test-processing steps by 30 percent due to its intuitive user-interface that allow operators to spend less time on daily tasks and more time producing the quality results that empower better decision-making.

  • Simple, intuitive design of the DxC analyzer with the robust throughput capabilities of the AU analyzer
  • Configurable with a total laboratory solution option to connect the DxC 700 AU with pre-analytical automation, immunoassay and clinical IT

Beckman Coulter Diagnostics

22, Rue Juste-Olivier
1260 Nyon

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