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Image source: Royal Pharmaceutical Society

Sponsored • Live webinar

The start of a new chapter for Martindale: The Complete Drug Reference

Watch live on: 9th July 2024
Starts: 11:00 BST (10:00 UTC, 15:00 PDT)
Duration: 1 hour

Health and industry professionals globally rely on Martindale: The Complete Drug Reference for concise and specific detail to identify and understand drugs, herbals, and other pharmaceutical substances. 

In this live webinar, hosted by Account Manager Morgane Brun, Catherine Cadart, and Alison Brayfield, co-editors of Martindale: The Complete Drug Reference will discuss the evolution of Martindale: The Complete Drug Reference, including a live demonstration on MedicinesComplete.

During this webinar you will:

  • Learn about the additional content that is available online 
  • See how to search intuitively
  • Find out about the links to other products on MedicinesComplete 


Catherine Cadart
Co-editor of Martindale: The Complete Drug Reference and Head of Content (Process and Performance) 

Alison Brayfield
Co-editor of Martindale: The Complete Drug Reference and Head of Content (Standards and Training) 

Source: Royal Pharmaceutical Society


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