Newster NW50 sterilizer for hospital solid waste
Newster NW50 sterilizer for hospital solid waste

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Eco-sustainable medical waste treatment

Newster’s Frictional Heat Treatment enables hospitals to process hazardous solid waste onsite in a sustainable and cost-effective way. It is a sustainable alternative for the treatment of medical waste.

The equipment is tailored to the needs of the healthcare facility and can be installed onsite in a small sized room. The running costs inclusive of energy consumption, maintenance, operating staff and consumables allows a significant reduction of the cost of disposal. The patented technology employs the heat generated by the shredding action to sterilize the waste at the same time without the emission of persistent organic pollutants (POP) emission into the atmosphere according to the Stockholm Convention.

It is a patented technology specific for the treatment of solid infectious healthcare waste, including sharps, dialysis filters, PPEs, non-woven materials and fabrics. There is a 25% weight reduction and a 75% volume reduction. The sturdy design allows the sterilizer to work for several shifts, each lasting 35-40 minutes. The power inverter allows to reduce energy consumption. 

The sterilizing unit is designed for on-site installation up to 600 beds hospitals and external centralized plants. 

Newster is at Medica >> Hall 11 / G67

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