New monitor generation for better diagnosis

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New monitor generation for better diagnosis

JVC starts the future with i3 series

JVC has completely redesigned its display line-up, bringing the i3 series to market. At first glance, the new housing design stands out; the displays bezels are much narrower than in the previous generation. Also new are function buttons on the screen with virtual descriptions. These customizable buttons give users direct access to various functions.

By calibrating also primary colors, colors have never been so natural and precise

Marcel Herrmann

But not only visually, the devices have been further developed; they also offer some technological innovations. The new 3D lookup table, for example, enables the best possible color reproduction. "By calibrating also primary colors, colors have never been so natural and precise.“ says Marcel Herrmann, Marketing Manager Totoku at JVC Kenwood. "This also ensures that the image impression is the same on every monitor in the entire facility. In combination with the new color front sensor, we can guarantee this for the entire life of a display." 

As the first display systems on the market, the calibration is executed autonomously and independently from the PC. The procedure is very simple: The user defines the calibration time and date, for example at night. This scheduled calibration will start automatically even the workstation is not operating.

Extended sensor system

The sensor system of the new i3 monitors consists of a front sensor and a ambient light sensor. "The frontsensor measures continuously luminance and color of the display and corrects those in real time. This ensures a very stable brightness and high color stability, "explains Herrmann. 

In addition, the i3 series devices include a human sensor. It detects if a person is sitting in front of the screen, which helps save energy when the monitor is not in use. For example, it can be ensured that a doctor is not disturbed by the quality control during his reporting.

Source: JVC Kenwood Deutschland GmbH


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