The CL-S1200 monitor
The CL-S1200 monitor

Medical display

JVC – CL-S1200

The CL-S1200 is a 30.9-inch color monitor with 12 megapixels for reporting medical images of various modalities such as CT, CR/DR, MR, ultrasound or mammography.

The arrangement of the windows can be freely selected, and the large screen without a center bar creates a comfortable environment for radiological diagnostics. With its maximum brightness of 1200 cd/m² and a contrast ratio of 1500:1, it is suitable for mammography. The monitor is also equipped with the latest technology, i.e. the patented Dynamic Gamma and the turbo luminance function. 

JVCKENWOOD Deutschland GmbH

Monforts Quartier 23

41238 Mönchengladbach



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