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Mobile X-ray around the globe

Since launching meX+ DR solutions in 2009 the imaging and X-ray solutions producer medical ECONET has installed the range internationally. Physicians in diverse areas and fields of expertise, medical crews on ships and oil-rigs, paramedics in military ambulances, as well as disaster relief forces in conflict areas, report satisfaction regarding the lightweight and flexible meX+ X-ray devices in their daily work, the manufacturer reports.

Image of a tablet with an x-ray image of the ribcage
medical ECONET radiography solutions are equipped with a worldwide unique hybrid-powered technology.
medical ECONET

‘A highly beneficial factor is the user-friendly handling of the self-explanatory meX+ Image acquisition software, which contains a full integrated positioning guide and proposals for adequate dose values.’

With a specific focus on mobility and flexibility, medical ECONET explains it ‘supplies radiography solutions that are equipped with a worldwide unique hybrid-powered technology. This smart technology allows operation of the meX+ portable X-ray generators by the integrated battery, or by an external power supply, while charging the battery. These durable lithium-ion batteries can produce over 500 exposures, with only one full charge, and generate clean diagnostic images by high frequency technology.’

In addition, the firm’s range of wired and wireless digital radiography detectors come in three imaging sizes (10x12, 14x17, 17x17 inch) and can be provided as customised solutions for mobile, stationary and retrofit applications. ‘And,’ the company adds, ‘due to the equipped wireless file transfer and the Automatic Exposure Detection (AED), the user can work in a most comfortable way without any disturbing cables.’

DETAILS: www.medical-econet.com


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