Launch of the PMW-10MD HD Camera

New product from Sony launched at MEDICA

At MEDICA today, Sony announced the launch of the new PMW-10MD 2-piece HD camera, its first HD camera designed purely for the medical market. The camera breaks new ground offering unbeatable image quality for high precision surgical applications.

Photo: Launch of the PMW-10MD HD Camera

“We’re very proud to announce the introduction of the PMW-10 MD 2-piece camera,” says Philip Vallender, Product Marketing Manager, Sony Medical. “We believe that this camera breaks the mould for medical image capture. The 1/2" CMOS sensor is new in this marketplace and we have designed the camera around this technology to fit the evolving needs of precision surgery.”
The PMW-10MD is the first camera to use full HD 1/2" CMOS sensors rather than the industry standard 1/3 CCD sensors. The 3-chip 1/2" Exmor Full HD CMOS sensor, already used in Sony’s professional broadcast cameras, offers unrivalled picture quality and on-board storage. The 1/2" sensors allow for native HD at the sensor and negate the need for pixel shifting and image manipulations while delivering high sensitivity (F10), dynamic range (450%) and signal/noise ratio (54dB).
In addition to the enhanced image quality, Sony has added further value with on-board MPEG2 video and JPEG still image recording facilities. Other special features include image reversing, flash trigger output and foot control input.
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