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Improving hospitals’ time efficiency via a Connected Radiology platform

Thales’ expert knowledge in digital technology as well as in hardware and software systems has enabled the company to become a market leader in major innovation fields such as the cloud, connectivity and artificial intelligence.

Thales is proud to launch its unique Connected Radiology platform which will bring multiple benefits to the efficiency of hospitals through the non-stop use of radiology systems. Meaning that the disruption of patient workflow will now be a problem of the past.

Thales' Connected Radiology platform

Image source: Thales

This platform will allow equipment manufacturers to monitor their complete fleet of systems in real-time. Thanks to the connectivity, systems manufacturers as well as hospitals are now constantly up to date with how their equipment and subsystems are functioning.

Our monitors analyse the data received from equipment and predict when the equipment might breakdown by looking at the average lifespan of previous machines and their daily usage in the field. Being able to predict this, helps manufacturers to renew the equipment or fix any potential faults before they become an actual real life problem.


Hospitals will now no longer experience any setbacks and will therefore become much more efficient thus providing a higher quality service. Our Connected Radiology platform also gives equipment manufacturers complete control of all their systems that are scattered around the world. This enables them to update their systems’ software in various countries simultaneously by just the click of a button. Additionally, capitalizing on Thales’s strong competencies in cybersecurity, the platform is fully cyber-secured, preventing it from any kind of security threat.

We are present at the 2020 ECR virtual event where we are pleased to show you our latest innovations at our stand 10 – Foyer D

Source: Thales


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