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Horiba Medical expands Hemostasis range

Horiba Medical is proud to announce the development of its offer with the extension of the Hematology portfolio into the Hemostasis field.

For over 30 years, Horiba Medical has developed its recognized proficiency in blood cell analysis. This scientific knowledge, innovation, leadership and cutting edge technology has been utilized to propose a new and comprehensive range of systems and reagents for Hemostasis. By enlarging our scope in blood disease analysis, in a complementary discipline to Hematology, Horiba Medical is now able to offer customers a dedicated and specific solution to suit any laboratory.

The new Yumizen G range covers the needs for a range of laboratories:

  • Yumizen G100 INR, the smallest analyzer of the range, for point of care laboratories to monitor oral anticoagulant,
  • Yumizen G200 & Yumizen G400 compact semi-automatic devices dedicated for small laboratories to perform coagulation screening and DDimers tests,
  • Yumizen G800 Automatic benchtop coagulation analyzer for laboratories with mid-size workloads,
  • Yumizen G1550 fully-automated high capacity analyzer for managing monitoring requirements of clinical laboratories mid to high workload.

This comprehensive offer, combined with the complete range of Horiba Medical Yumizen G reagents for routine and specific tests, developed and optimized for the Yumizen G systems range, provides a high quality and cost-effective solution that will fit any laboratory size or requirement.

Source: Horiba Medical


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