Hitachi ARIETTA 850

Hitachi introduced the world’s first practical implementation of the CMUT (Capacitive Micro-machined Ultrasound Transducer) silicon wafer technology in 2009. ALOKA ARIETTA 850 exploits the next-generation of CMUT technology, and, combined with eFocusing, a dynamic transmission and reception technology, achieves outstanding clarity of imaging from near to far field. Additionally, this platform contributes to remarkable patient comfort and enhanced treatment efficiency through an ergonomic design of the monitor arm, functions to improve workflow, and advanced applications including support for liver cancer treatment.

Photo: Hitachi ARIETTA 850

Mode: B, M, ODM; PW,CW Doppler; Dual Gate Doppler; color / power Doppler; eFlow mode; triplex; TDI; CEUS; freehand 3D; 4D, Fusion, RT Bi-plane

Scan format: Sector, linear and convex array, 360° radial scanning, trapezoid, B-steer, dual/quad imaging, WideView, HI-Def Zoom, pan Zoom; Picture in Picture

Transducer input: 4 active ports


  • Multi-disciplinary Premium platform, ergonomic design
  • Pure Image Symphonic Architecture
  • 22“ OLED monitor for highest contrast
  • Wide range of transducers for GI, interventional guidance, urology and TEE applications
  • Advanced modalities: SWM, Real-time Elastography, CEUS, RVS Fusion, 3D SIM navigator, E-field Simulator, Needle and Body Motion tracking
  • Advanced analysis: TIC, eTracking, WI, 2DTT, Protocol assistant, Auto Measurements


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