High performance contrast agent injection systems

Medtron AG is a leading European designer, manufacturer and distributor of contrast agent injectors used for CT, MRI and Angiography.

Photo: High performance contrast agent injection systems

The company’s main aim is to develop high-performance injectors, based on innovative technologies, in terms of recent medical requirements in diagnostics, patient comfort and cost effectiveness. This is particularly the case for simultaneous or sequential injection of a contrast agent and saline solution.

Early on, this company recognised opportunities presented by the innovative CANopen technology. Today it supports an interface based on that standard to control contrast agent injection in the latest multislice CT-scanner generation.

Its Injektron line and new, upcoming Accutron product line (CT and MRI injector) have been developed to simplify the daily workflow of contrast agent application. Medtron also  points out that these wireless, battery operated single or double headed injector systems, with touch screen control panel, choice of languages, wireless touch screen remote control and heatable syringe holder, are comfortable and easy to operate,

The devices and corresponding disposables, such as syringes, automatic filling kits or specially designed customer solutions, are distributed and maintained by qualified international partners.
Founded in 1992, and based in south-west Germany, Medtron AG established itself in the international radiology market via partnership with leading sales and service companies and, Medtron adds, due to ‘convincing products’.
Full details: www.medtron.com


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