For use with microscopes

World's first digital SLR with Live View

The new Olympus E-330 micro-imaging system for microscopy includes the world's first digital SLR camera to show real-time frame images on the LCD, the company reports. `The system is based around a 7.5 Megapixel sensor, which together with an array of unique features delivers incredibly sharp and vibrant images directly onto a 2.5 inch high-resolution colour LCD. Other features of the micro imaging system include a 1.2x adapter, RM-1 multifunction remote control and a multi-cable, which can be linked to either a TV monitor or PC.´

Photo: For use with microscopes

The system consists of the world’s first digital Single-Lens Reflex (SLR) camera to feature Live View, making it possible to frame images on the large, colour, high-resolution liquid crystal display (LCD). Olympus adds that the camera is easily adaptable for use with any microscope via its 1.2x adapter, and the microscope can also be operated while viewing live images on a TV or PC monitor.

‘The E-330 camera features the latest generation MOS (Metal Oxide Semiconductor) sensor that produces full-scale 7.5 Megapixel quality imaging during continuous viewing of live microscope images. Ideal for long-term imaging applications, “no touch” image capture can also be achieved by using the multi-function remote control unit, which completely eliminates camera shake and vibration,’ Olympus points out. ‘The newly developed 7.5 Megapixel Live MOS image sensor provides high-sensitivity, high-speed processing while maintaining superior image quality through its high-resolution, Full-Frame Transfer (FFT) Charged Coupled Device (CCD). The advanced sensor also captures microscope images with accurate edge-to-edge detail, displayed in vivid colour on any screen with exceptional clarity. The 100% field of view allows accurate framing and a designated area of the image can be enlarged up to 10x whilst viewing images under macro observation.’

The camera presents continous Live View subject framing via a 2.5 inch 215,000-pixel high-resolution HyperCrystal LCD, which offers many times the contrast of conventional LCD’s and simplifies framing and focusing, the company adds. ‘This rear-mounted display is designed with advanced swivel capability, providing super clear images over a 160° viewing angle. The larger LCD also means the icons and text on the camera’s menu display are large enough for easy viewing.’

When the camera is switched on, the Dust Reduction System shakes at 35,000 vibrations per second to remove dust and debris from its sensor.

An Auto-Connect USB transfers images and Live images for viewing on a computer monitor. ‘Multiple slots support CompactFlash Type I and II, MicroDrives or xD-Picture media cards providing users with convenient multiple storage solutions,’ Olympus adds. ‘The E-330 can also be controlled by the optional Olympus cell* family imaging software, which enables full camera control in live mode and image acquisition.’

New test to relieve chemotherapy toxicity
Olympus Life and Material Science Europa, GMBH – Diagnostics (Olympus) and Saladax Biomedical Inc. (SBI) are to co-develop a blood test expected to help oncologists to more effectively adminsiter the chemotherapy agent 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) and thus reduce toxicity.

SBI will adapt the first of a line of Personalised Chemotherapy Management (PCM) assays for quantifying the concentration of 5-FU (Rubex/Efudex/Adrucil) in cancer patients to the Olympus AU400 clinical chemistry system, while the parties finalise the terms of the non-exclusive multi-year distribution agreement.

Dr Salvatore J Salamone, Chairman and CEO of Saladax, further explained: ‘There is a large body of published clinical evidence that managing 5-FU dosing by measuring blood concentration has a significant positive impact on response to therapy and reduction of toxic side-effects.  However, today doctors have no clinical relevant tool by which to get this information. Saladax plans to launch a simple 5-FU test within the year.’


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