Clinical quality ventilator for home use

Camena, an innovative ventilator that provides clinical-quality ventilation for patients at home, will be launched, at the European Respiratory Society (ERS) annual meeting (4-8 September 2004, Glasgow, UK), by Dräger Medical AG & Co KGaA, of Lübeck, Germany.

Photo: Clinical quality ventilator for home use

With the support of patients and a six-member scientific team of international experts, Dräger Medical’s team based in the Netherlands created the new device in just one-and-a-half years. The result is an advanced mechanical ventilator designed particularly for long-term ventilation in a domestic environment.

Patient-oriented system technology - Camena provides both invasive and non-invasive ventilation. A new feature, Volume Guarantee, safeguards gas exchange by assuring the target tidal volume range. The device offers pressure-supported and pressure-controlled ventilation. Modes such as CPAP, Bi-Level and PCV further provide versatile ventilation performance. The AutoSlope software feature automatically adjusts the respective inspiration curve to provide comfortable, patient-specific ventilation.

Ideally sized for the home, Camena weighs just 4.8 kg and measures 385 mm x 175 mm x 275 mm (L x W x H). It is also extremely quiet and operates at 10 mbar with <29 dB(A) and at 18 mbar with <32 dB(A). The display provides additional convenience - automatically going blank after two minutes.

The user interface - This has two levels: a professional user interface displays pressure and flow curves, and the patient interface displays settings and alarm information in case of an event. The number of alarm occurrences, their causes, as well as trends, can be stored internally for up to a year.

Set values can only be set and changed by physicians. In addition, specific parameters can be ‘tagged’ so that, if necessary, patients can adjust settings themselves - also via the optional remote control. The integrated Rescue Mode ensures that ventilation continues even in the unlikely case of a pressure sensor failure.

Mobility and service - Camena also supports patient mobility. For example, the system could be used in a car, boat or ambulance, due to the 12 V - 24 V power connection. Camena is also ideal for use with wheelchairs. A built-in battery serves as a power backup supply for up to two hours of ventilation, and an optional external battery can add another 20 hours of backup power.
To ensure that the delivered gas is clean, the system includes a highly effective particle absorption (HEPA) filter that removes dust particles and bacteria. Service and maintenance is covered by remote service and diagnosis and backed by DrägerService. This saves time and money, and makes patient location no problem.

‘Fifty years ago, Dräger’s Poliomat revolutionised the market for home mechanical ventilation,’ said Bas Dirkson, General Manager at Dräger Medical BV, in Best, the Netherlands, and Head of the Business Unit Pre & Post Hospital Care. ‘Based on this technology, which was first developed by Dräger in 1906, we have combined today’s scientific knowledge with patient requirements, to find a solution that not only meets our standards for innovation but also elevates the quality of care.’


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