Cardiovascular ultrasound

A complete dedicated system with 2-D image quality

Developed in partnership with international cardiologists, Medison reports that its EKO7 Cardiovascular Ultrasound system is a dedicated Cardiovascular Ultrasound system ‘…with 2-D Image Quality that you would expect from a premium class ultrasound system. As a matter of fact, the same applies to the colour Doppler, Pulsed Wave Doppler and CWD. So the EKO7 has excellent image quality, a dedicated cardiac measurement package, good ergonomics, on board reporting system.’

Photo: Cardiovascular ultrasound

The easy to operate stress echo package is also easy to modify according to needs, Medison adds. ‘For the more demanding cardiologist we developed a Speckle Strain package, not just for heart failure -- it might also prove to be a tool to assess cardiac infarction. Another trend we detected is the cardiologists’ interest in scanning the carotid. To make the carotid assessment easier, we developed an auto IMT package that can automatically detect and measure the Intima Media Thickness of the far wall as well as the near wall.’


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