C-arm adds accuracy to cardiovascular interventions

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C-arm adds accuracy to cardiovascular interventions

Alongside the worldwide increase in longevity, inevitably with chronic health conditions rising, cardiovascular procedures and OR utilisation have surged. Thus the efficient and safe performance of surgeries is even more important.

The intraoperative use of mobile C-arms increases accuracy, improving clinical outcomes, which can significantly reduce revision rates and thus overall healthcare spending, the manufacturer Ziehm reports, also noting: ‘Mobile X-ray imaging devices also have lower acquisition and installation costs, which results in a faster return on investment in comparison to fixed installed systems.’

A comprehensive mobile hybrid solution

‘The Ziehm Vision RFD Hybrid Edition* mobile C-arm is designed for demanding interventional procedures. To ensure constant system temperature and avoid system failures due to overheating, it is equipped with Advanced Active Cooling. Additionally, it is the only system on the market to offer motorisation of all four axes for easy control.

‘The system meets all the requirements to transform conventional ORs into hybrid rooms in no time,’ Ziehm continues. ‘With versatile display options, ceiling-mounted monitors, wireless solutions and a unique Usability Concept, it does not require any changes to the OR and is ready for use immediately – without extensive construction work.

‘Connectivity to 3-D vascular navigation systems and contrast injectors make it ideal for demanding hybrid procedures such as TAVI, angioplasties and EVAR. 

‘Together with its French daughter company Therenva, Ziehm Imaging is investing in the future of intraoperative 3-D vascular navigation. Therenva’s mobile image fusion system EndoNaut enables physicians to achieve better accuracy during challenging hybrid surgeries. Combining preoperative CT data with intraoperative images from the mobile C-arm on the EndoNaut system reduces X-ray dosage and contrast media usage for even more precise results. 

‘Software features such as Enhanced Vessel Visualization with automatic colour display of vessels help to precisely define contours and side branches, facilitating communication in the OR.’

Powerful cardiovascular imaging in a mobile CathLab

‘With the introduction of the most powerful generator on the market for mobile C-arms, the Ziehm Vision RFD Hybrid Edition with 30 kW** enables more clarity in cardiovascular imaging,’ the company points out. ‘Faster and sharper imaging, reduced motion artifacts and dedicated parameters allow more details to be displayed. Dedicated functions for coronary interventions and electrophysiology provide the best possible support during demanding procedures. 

Our mobile concept has only advantages for me, my staff and my patients. I have not yet had a case that I could have solved better with a fixed system

Rajaram Prasad

‘Furthermore, special display and transmission options suitable for cath labs are available. These have become well-known and established through many years of practice in hybrid rooms.

‘Together with its Dutch partner company, Fysicon, Ziehm Imaging is going one step further. To meet the needs of interventional cardiologists worldwide, they offer a dedicated mobile haemodynamic measurement station. The mobile CathLab solution provides more flexibility and freedom of movement and represents an alternative to conventional setups.’

Reflecting on the use of Ziehm Vision RFD Hybrid Edition CMOSline in his mobile CathLab, Dr Rajaram Prasad concluded: ‘Our mobile concept has only advantages for me, my staff and my patients. I have not yet had a case that I could have solved better with a fixed system.’ 

* Ziehm Vision RFD Hybrid Edition represents a group of optional hardware and software that creates an option package on the device named Ziehm Vision RFD.

** 30 kW generator is available in combination with dedicated cardio packages.


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