BEST therapy for chronic wounds

The recently launched KFH Novo from Kingfisher Healthcare (KFH) is a non-invasive medical device that utilises Bio-Electric Stimulation Therapy (BEST) to deliver extremely low levels of current to chronic wounds. This does not interfere with standard conventional therapy; the electrodes are placed some way from the wounds, beyond the normal treatment areas.

 Kingfisher reports that the therapy has been shown to heal different types of chronic wounds such as venous ulcers, pressure sores and diabetic ulcers, even if open for longer than a year. Professor Raf Meesen, of Limburg University College, Belgium, said: ‘The initial results with KFH Novo appear to be very promising. Some wounds that we could not get closed with standard treatments healed completely when this was applied.’
BEST works by enhancing the physiological processes of wound healing; documented effects include:
l    Attracting the right cells to the wound area, e.g. keratinocytes (cells which make up 90% of the outer layer of skin called the epidermis)
l    Stimulating fibroblast cells to activate wound healing
l    Increasing the production of ATP, providing energy to restart tissue healing
l    Increasing the blood and oxygen supply to wound beds
 ‘KFH Novo is a very cost-effective solution, and we expect significant demand from wound care professionals,’ Dr Henk Snyman, the firm’s CEO, pointed out.
Distributors wanted: ‘There is a great deal of interest from the medical community,’ Marc Dauwe, Director of Medical Affairs, confirmed, adding that KFH is looking for specialist distributors (contact:


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