Augmented reality for medical services

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Augmented reality for medical services

Eye4Care is a frontline healthcare staff support service, based on a proprietary platform, which enables real-time audio/video connection between healthcare specialists and the staff treating patients.

It allows healthcare staff to perform:

  • Supervision of nurses’ activity through remote support, with the aim to reduce the number of specialist medical personnel in the ward
  • Distance learning and real-time distribution of new procedures to frontline medical staff to speed up their learning curve
  • Hands-free pre-triage via an infrared camera integrated within the smart glasses to measure temperature
  • Hands-free collection of vital parameters of patients, and certification of individual procedures

Thanks to the use of voice-controlled, PPE-compatible smart glasses devices, doctors, nurses, and caregivers can make a diagnosis and prescribe therapies to home patients who receive remote assistance and support. 

Eye4Care is also available on smartphones via a mobile app designed to support patients at home or in isolation, who can receive remote assistance from a specialist doctor at any time. Eye4care allows:

  • Real-time interaction between doctor and patients/citizens
  • Direct and autonomous check of vitals by patients 
  • Health status assessment and management of Level 1 remote assistance

Eye4Care relies on augmented reality and artificial intelligence to provide remote care to frontline physicians, patients and home care staff. 

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