Advanced monitorin for high-acuity division

Conceptualized specifically for high-acuity patient monitoring and integrated with the world’s leading technologies, Edan Instruments’ latest elite V8 modular patient monitor offers real-time, organized view of accurate patient information, intelligent data analysis, management, network connectivity and simplified operation to the ICU, CCU, NICU, OR and PACU.

Ease of Use:
The elite V8 is the winner of the Red Dot Design Award for its excellent product design. The 17’’ touch screen LCD display gives a vivid waveform and data presentation and intuitive access to all interface functions. Thanks to its modular design and streamlined workflow, the user can combine or switch between different parameter modules flexibly to adapt to various applications.

Parameter Technologies:
1. Proprietary iSEAP ECG algorithm is especially optimized for arrhythmia analysis;
2. Dual-mode anti-interference pulse oximetry provides superior performance to take on the challenge of motion and low perfusion.
3. Newly upgradedand clinically validated NIBP algorithm along with high quality components ensure comfort and accuracy of NIBP measurements
4. Nellcor OxiMaxTM SpO2 offers an option to harsh critical care conditions.
5. Respironics CO2 module (mainstream/sidestream) draws crisp waveform of CO2 concentration.
6. PHASEIN anesthesia gas module (mainstream/sidestream), the world’s smallest if its kind, offers cost-saving and maintenance-free gas monitoring solutions for the OR.

Seamless network Connectivity:
The abundant interfaces and wired LAN/Wi-Fi compatibilities of the elite V8 enable healthcare providers to monitor patient status seamlessly from anywhere within the hospital. With the ability to upload patient data in XML format, the elite V8 is able to communicate with HL7-based HIS system. Connected to the EDAN Central Monitoring System, the real-time patient data from the elite V8 can be easily accessible to a PC, tablet or smart phone virtually anywhere, anytime.


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