Workers at the Esaote probes centre of excellence in Florece, Italy
Workers at the Esaote probes centre of excellence in Florece, Italy

Image source: Esaote

News • Support during the COVID-19 crisis

103 portable ultrasound systems for Italy

Esaote, an Italian company in the field of medical diagnostic imaging systems, recently delivered 103 portable ultrasound scanners in four Italian regions. An operation that confirms the full operation of the Company even during the COVID-19 emergency and strong support to the national health system.

Esaote won the tender launched by Consip (central purchasing body procuring goods and services for Italian Public Administrations) on behalf of Civil Protection for the delivery of 155 ultrasound scanners to support the national health system. The purchase order, which formally arrived in Esaote on Thursday March 25th, when the tender was closed, has already been fulfilled thanks to the great commitment of the Company.  In addition to reorganizing the distribution in the production site in Florence, which is the world’s ultrasound and probe hub for the whole Group, Esaote was able to assemble, set-up, deliver and test the systems in just three days.

We are working hard and we are ready to play our part to help our health system and our fellow citizens

Marco Mugnaini

The ultrasound systems, that will support the Italian intensive care and emergency departments to face the COVID-19 pandemic, have been delivered to Tuscany, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Emilia Romagna and Marche in just three days from receipt of order.

The diagnostic systems that Esaote has provided are technological, innovative, extremely simple and quick to use, essential for diagnosis and follow-up. The platforms are characterized by easy portability, thus allowing to bring the system close to the patient's bed and are also equipped with four different probes, capable of responding to the different needs of abdominal, cardiological, pediatric and vascular investigation.

portrait of Marco Mugnaini
Marco Mugnaini
Source: Esaote

"We are working hard and we are ready to play our part to help our health system and our fellow citizens", said Marco Mugnaini, Italy Country Business Director of Esaote. "We are therefore very proud to have responded to the tender launched by Consip for Civil Protection within the terms and the deadlines. A dutiful 'thank you' to all Esaote employees, but above all to colleagues in production, logistics and technical assistance who have worked in these few days to be able to achieve a challenging but vitally important result."

At the Florence production site, as in Genoa, Esaote has reorganized the work shifts to protect the health of its employees and guarantee them the correct fulfillment of Government measures to prevent infection.

Source: Esaote


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