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Mobile DR • Technix S.p.A.

Technix · TMS 320 R / TMS 320 RDR

Power: 32 kW
Width: 70 cm
Weight: 240 kg


  • Light and maneuverable unit with small footprint
  • Efficient positioning at patient’s bed thanks to the rotating arm
  • Available in two versions: TMS320 RDR (digital) and TMS320 R (analogue)
  • Available also with fixed column (TMS320 / TMS320 DR)
  • Upgradable to DR on the field
  • Multiple FPD and imaging software can be interfaced
  • 19" touch user interface
  • Full DICOM connectivity

Technix S.p.A.

Via Fermi 45
24050 Grassobbio (BG)

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