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Mobile X-ray • DRGEM Corporation

DRGEM · Jade

Power: 4 kW
Operation: Mains
Motorized: No


  • System concept: Portable radiography system 
  • Compact and powerful design
  • Convenient and intuitive operation 
  • 110 ~ 240 VAC (Free voltage) input 
  • 40 ~120 kV, 10~ 100 mA 
  • Includes manual collimator 
  • Three-way control (Main body, control console, and remote control) 
  • Preprogrammed APR data and user-programmable APR 
  • Simple, collapsible mobile stand with external console 
  • USB external interface, with bluetooth or DR interface options

DRGEM Corporation

7F, E-B/D Gwangmyeong Techno-Park
60 Haan-ro Gwangmyeong-si, Gyeonggi-do

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