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Siemens Healthineers · RT Pro Edition for Magnetom Sola and Vida


  • Support precision in Radiotherapy with Magnetom Sola, or Vida and trendsetting applications
  • Scan patients consistently in treatment position with dedicated RT positioning equipment (CIVCO, Orfit, Qfix), an MR compatible laser bridge (LAP), and a large variety of flexible coils
  • Rely on intuitive and dedicated RT workflows with myExam RT Assist¹ and syngo.via RT Image Suite
  • Enable an MR-only RT planning workflow with myExam RT Assist¹ and syngo.via RT Image Suite’s MR-based Synthetic CT² feature
  • Caption organ motion in abdomen and thorax under free-breathing with automatic respiratory phase sorting with 4D MRI-RT Respiratory Self-Gating

The information shown herein refers to products of 3rd party manufacturer’s and thus are in their regulatory responsibility. Please contact the 3rd party manufacturer for further information.

¹ The name "myExam RT Assist" is used starting from software version syngo MR XA50. In former software versions it is called “RT Dot Engine”.

² MR-based Synthetic CT (AI algorithm) is an optional feature available in syngo.via RT Image Suite starting from software version VB60.

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