Interventional Systems


Surgical Flat Panel C-Arms • INTERMEDICAL SRL

Intermedical · Radius EVO

Power: 5/20 kW
Detector: 21x21 cm / 30x30 cm
Pixel size: /


  • 5 kW or 20 kW power
  • With 30x30 or 21x21 cm Flat Panel
  • 20 kW unit, liquid-cooled, granting more efficient heat dissipation
  • Removable anti-scatter grid
  • C-arm movements identified by different colours
  • User friendly Touch Screen control console, on board, for all the operative parameters with ± 90° rotation and ± 20° inclination.
  • The monitor trolley is equipped with a solo 27” High Resolution monitor digitally split into live and reference monitors which can be rotated of ± 180°. Equipped, as well, with a 15.6” touch screen panel allowing the operator to set all the needed parameters, handle images and adapt software functions in real time.


Via E. Fermi 26
24050 Grassobbio (BG)

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