The no-contact thermometer

"Thermofocus* is the first non-contact clinical thermometer in the world and the only one working at an accurate and determinate distance," Tecnimed srl, its manufacturer, reports. "Body temperature is measured in less than one second by pointing Thermofocus at the centre of the forehead."

Photo: Thermofocus

The right distance between the skin and thermometer is easily determined thanks to a patented aiming system emitting two light beams that are absolutely safe. It can also read the temperature of other body areas, such as open wounds, or internal organs during a surgical procedure, or could be used to assess the temperature of an area of skin and compare it with the surrounding area to find anomalies due to inflammation or blood circulation problems.

‘The device provides an instantaneous digital body temperature reading without touching the patient, so Thermofocus needs neither expensive hygienic covers, nor cleaning or disinfection,’ Tecnimed adds. ‘For families and hospitals, this is the most hygienic, comfortable device to take a temperature. There is absolutely no possibility of diseases transmission. It has been widely used in airports and hospital against SARS.’

The thermometer can not only measure the temperature, for example, of a sleeping baby, without disturbance, but also be used to check the temperature of its feeding bottles, food, bath water, and any objects between 1.0-55ºC, e.g. wine, a windowpane etc. 

Time-saving - Since the device saves time, the firm has estimated a potential financial saving from its use in a hospital from €2-4,000 per annum.

* International patents pending
Made in Italy by Tecnimed srl


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