The operating theatre management system

Hospital management seek more economic viability and efficiency in the operating theatre (OT) when deciding on the procurement of advanced Management Systems. The special software/hardware of systems achieve shorter operation and documentation times with uniform intervention outcomes.

Medical technology company Richard Wolf developed its `core nova´ as the first fully network-based OT Management System to reduce the organisational and administrative burden on all personnel involved in running operating theatres (OTs), the company reports. ‘This includes benefits such as installation within minutes and absolutely seamless connection of existing hospital information and OT planning systems, as well as patient records. The burden on surgeons and OT personnel is reduced as a result of the shorter changeover times in the OT possible, with the system, the central touchscreen control of all equipment in the OT, digital access to all preoperative OT planning data, and direct documentation of operations. These benefits are also effective right from the first operation because the system can be operated intuitively and the induction time is correspondingly short,’ explained Jürgen Steinbeck, Managing Director of Richard Wolf GmbH.

core nova is reported to be equally interesting to hospitals and medical practices for use in new and existing operating theatres, because the system is freely scalable and can be adapted to the appropriate individual needs, integrated within existing IT and service infrastructures, or deployed in a mobile setting on a conventional video cart.

‘The compact design of the mobile alternative for core nova is particularly appropriate for medical practices and older operating theatres without any existing server infrastructure, says Steinbeck, adding, ‘This came as a welcome surprise to many prospective customers.’


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