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Olympus Image of the Year – Celebrating art in science

Olympus’ Image of the Year Award for light microscopy in Europe recognizes the very best in life science imaging. Inspired by the beauty and breadth of images submitted for Image of the Year 2017, Olympus is now continuing its quest for the best light microscopy art in 2018.

Source: Olympus

For the chance to win one of three prizes, applicants can submit life science light microscopy images to www.olympus.eu/imageoftheyear. Participants will have the chance to win a CX23 microscope with EP50 WiFi camera and iPad, an OM-D E-M5 Mark II camera, or a PEN E-PL8 camera.

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What we want to achieve with the Image of the Year award is to encourage people to look at scientific images differently, appreciate their beauty and share them with others

Christine Elstner

The competition runs until the end of October 2018 when a jury, consisting of representatives from both science and the arts, will be judging the images. All entries will be evaluated based on artistic and visual aspects, scientific impact, and microscope proficiency.

“In microscopy you often take an image for what it shows – and then realize that it has artistic value as well,” says Dr. Christine Elstner of Olympus Europa. “What we want to achieve with the Image of the Year award is to encourage people to look at scientific images differently, appreciate their beauty and share them with others.”

The winning images from the 2017 competition (click to enlarge):

This is illustrated in the winning images of 2017. Dr. Steve Lowry won first prize with a fascinating image of the skin of a sea-cucumber in polarization—perfectly reflecting the beauty that can be found in the details of life—while Dr. David Maitland’s second prize phase contrast image of a glass sponge was extraordinarily beautiful. Third prize went to Dr. Bob Asselbergh who used overlaying on a fluorescence image of a sciatic mouse nerve.

To participate in this year’s competition simply upload up to three microscopy images accompanied by a brief explanation and the equipment used, via the online form until 31 October 2018. The jury will select and inform the winners in November 2018.

More information on the Image of the Year award, including background information on the jury members and the full terms and conditions, can be found at www.olympus.eu/imageoftheyear.

Source: Olympus


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