MultiHance for MR Angiography approved in Europe

Bracco Imaging announces that the MR Angiography indication for MultiHance has been approved by the EU member states via a mutual recognition procedure. MultiHance is a gadolinium based contrast agent that is characterized by high relaxivity and dual route of excretion.

Photo: MultiHance for MR Angiography approved in Europe
The new MRA licence widens the range of applications for MultiHance, which alreadz included the MRI of the liver for the detection of focal liver lesions in adult patients with known or suspected primary liver cancer or metastatic disease, an the MRI of the brain and spine where it improves the detection of lesions and provides diagnostic information additional to that obtained with unenhanced MRI.
MulitHance is indicated for Contrast-enhanced MR-angiography with a focus of detecting clinically significant steno/occlusive vascular disease in adult patients with suspected or known vascular disease of the abdominal or peripheral arteries.


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