Imaging for everyone and every facility

Ludger Philippsen, Senior Manager at Sony Healthcare, says modular workflow solutions are `the future´.

Photo: Imaging for everyone and every facility

“Even in today’s increasingly digitised radiology environment, hard copy imaging remains an invaluable diagnostic and communication tool for medical professionals. However, up to now the design of radiology imagers has been largely limited to centralised, large, all-in-one systems that are shared between many departments. Not only do these offer more capability than most practitioners will ever need, they also do not offer the on-demand, customised performance that the modern hospital requires.

Flexible solutions
Sony has taken a radically different approach to radiology imaging, offering small, even personal, dedicated imagers that provide maximum quality with incredible space and efficiency savings. The latest range of Sony Digital Radiology Imagers is designed with the practitioner in mind, to give them the freedom to pay only for what they need and make maximum savings on capital investment, space and running costs.

Able to produce monochrome and colour paper, as well as blue diagnostic film hard copies the range can be tailored and matched to specialist applications.

Workflow efficiency
The biggest innovation, however, is in efficiency. Sony’s Digital Radiology Imagers offer practitioners next-to-application, mobile printing, which allows quick access to film and paper hardcopies and saves valuable time and manpower during the diagnostic process. This specialised and modular concept provides enormous workflow advantages: rapid diagnosis, improved time management, on-demand printing and tailored output for every need.
It is this aspect of the Sony range that marks a break with traditional centralised imaging workflow. The aim is to move towards a more flexible and more efficient vision of radiological imaging, in which practitioners are not beholden to a large and often cumbersome central system. Sony believes the future lies in small, versatile and fast imagers that enhance radiology facilities’ patient treatment capability.

Whether specialised in CT, MRI, CR/DR, nuclear medicine or working with PACS, our range offers easy connectivity and advanced architecture design, to allow users to take full advantage of both current and future modality trends. Even the format size can be varied from 8”x10” up 14”x17” imaging, offering an even wider range of option at radiologists’ fingertips.

Maximum performance, minimum space
Sony’s Digital Radiology Imagers also have the smallest footprint in their class, further enabling convenient and time-saving next-to application installation, in even the smallest environments. The latest designs can be installed vertically or horizontally for even greater unique space saving capability.

However, size does not belie their performance. Sony has led the development of dry thermal print technology for the past 25 years; all its radiology imagers feature automatic Image control technology to provide high contrast, high-density images with superb clarity and sharpness. All colour paper images are coated with a special laminate for enhanced durability and reliability.
Furthermore, with no wet processing, darkroom or chemicals involved in the processing and using digital thermal technology rather than complex and maintenance-intensive laser optical components, the company’s products offer the benefits of small size, low power use and minimum maintenance.

Dramatic changes are afoot in the medical imaging market. Watch this space…”


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