Healthcare and the 2009 EU Presidencies

The next two countries to preside over the EU Presidency - the Czech Republic (first half year of 2009) and Sweden (second half) recently presented the priorities of their presidencies for healthcare at the European Health Forum Gastein (EHFG).

Photo: Healthcare and the 2009 EU Presidencies

In cooperation with France, holder of the previous six months EU Presidency, five common key themes were defined:
Promoting an EU for patients
• Improving health security at European level
• Ensuring safe and efficient pharmaceuticals
• Addressing disease prevention and health promotion
• Promoting actions for healthy, active and dignified ageing
In terms of healthy active and dignified ageing, the Czech Republic will focus on financial sustainability, while Sweden will highlight the dignity aspects of elderly care, promoting closer cooperation between health and social policy areas.
Another focal point for both presidential periods will be the antimicrobial resistance in and beyond hospitals. Sweden will focus on the poor development of new antibiotics, and evaluating the possibilities of accelerating research for new antibiotics.
E-health implementation to improve patient safety and quality of care is also on the agenda during both presidencies.
The Swedish presidency will also follow up on the EU alcohol strategy. A conference, which will examine progress made in its implementation and to explore possible improvements, may include topics such as young women and fatal alcohol syndrome, children in families with alcohol problems and the identification of the ‘drivers’ that contribute to alcohol-related harm.
Report: Christian Pruzsinski


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