Health Data Interoperability: realise the benefits and mitigate the risks

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Health Data Interoperability: realise the benefits and mitigate the risks

In 2021, health data remains an untapped opportunity; we continue to fall foul of ‘digital silos' and operating systems that are both exposed to security threats and aren't optimised to unleash the potential of data driven healthcare.

Yet there are established methods in place currently that effectively protect our health data and render it useful to a wider populace to the benefit of our operational efficiency and standard of care provision.

To give you the tools to integrate these practices into your own operations, Reuters Events host an upcoming webinar: Health data interoperability; realise the benefits and mitigate the risks (Aug 5th, 12 CET)

Register here FREE (even if you can't make the date, you'll get the recordings in your inbox)

By registering you'll get insights directly from:

  • Dipak Kalra, President, European Institute for Innovation through Health Data 
  • Thierry Dart, Medical Director, Agence du Numérique (The French Digital Agency) 
  • Priit Tohver, Head of Quality, North Estonia Medical Centre

Our speakers will cover the questions you pose and topics including how to:

  • Supercharge your operational efficiency by installing systems that produce the most up-to-date, relevant patient information you require on demand.   
  • Increase inter-site and inter-region collaboration by producing standardized data that breakdown digital silos' to effectively liquidate patient data. 
  • Secure your data and raise population confidence in health data sharing; more available data results in more informed decisions that better reflect the needs of your patients. 

Source: Reuters Events


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