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Gold-tipped, force sensing ablation catheter approved for CE-market

Electrophysiologists in Europe will now have access to state-of-the-art, gold-tipped force sensing ablation catheters following the Biotronik announcement that AlCath Force is CE-market approved. With the release of the unique catheter, a full suite of specialized tools for a complete solution in the treatment of complex atrial fibrillation (AF) cases is available to physicians.

AlCath Force and Qubic Force
Source: Biotronik

The AlCath Force was designed specifically to show physicians – in real-time - how much contact is being applied to the heart wall during ablation procedures, helping physicians deliver safe and effective therapy. Studies have shown that gold-tipped catheters can create the same lesion in less time when compared to platinum-tipped catheters.1-2-3 AlCath Force also uses an innovative force sensor in an isolated tip with active temperature compensation that results in accurate and reliable contact force measurements during an ablation procedure. “This catheter combines the benefits of optical force sensing technology, a gold-tipped ablation electrode and a unique irrigation design - enabling effective lesion formation at low irrigation flow rates,” said Dr. Tamas Szili-Torok of Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

To supplement the therapy provided by the new catheter, the complete suite of tools will help physicians navigate the cardiac anatomy to deliver therapy with added confidence. In addition to the new AlCath catheter, these tools include:

  • The Qubic Force sensing module, which translates the signals into a real-time display for physicians, 
  • The Qubic Radiofrequency (RF) generator,  streamlines the setup of the ablation procedure while encompassing a small footprint, 
  • The Qiona irrigation pump, which perfectly integrates with the generator to automatically apply the right amount of irrigation to the catheter during ablation, and  
  • The recently launched AcQMap® imaging and mapping system, the 3D non-contact mapping and ultrasound imaging system which maps the heart chamber in less than three minutes. 

“It’s our job to give physicians the tools that support them in delivering therapy in more complex ablation procedures. Our complete AF solution will give them the real-time feedback they need to hit the right spot,” said Hans-Juergen Wildau, Segment Head Electrophysiology & Sensors, Biotronik.

When ablating cardiac tissue, physicians need to find the optimal balance of contact force that results in a safe and effective ablative therapy. With electrophysiology continuously evolving, it is important that the tools available support electrophysiologists during the more complex left atrial procedures they can now perform. Left-atrial cardiac arrhythmias are often treated with cardiac ablations that require innovative tools including access, diagnostic and therapeutic technologies. The AlCath Force and the complete solution of AF tools can facilitate transseptal access and advanced cardiac mapping and ablation – successfully supporting procedures in the left and right atrium.

The AlCath Force catheter is made available through the Acutus Medical’s global alliance with Biotronik.

Source: Biotronik


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