Frost & Sullivan honours healthcare leaders at Berlin award banquet

Berlin, Feb. 2008 - Philips Speech Recognition Systems was among the 15 healthcare companies to receive Frost & Sullivan's "Excellence in Healthcare Award" in Berlin.

Dr Keith Schlagbauer, Healthcare Manager of Frost & Sullivan, delivering the...
Dr Keith Schlagbauer, Healthcare Manager of Frost & Sullivan, delivering the keynote speech

"I am proud that we have managed to turn an administrative technology into a widely adopted tool for information capturing in healthcare with respective benefits for patient safety and treatment outcomes," said Rob Thornton, the company’s commercial director, at the "Excellence in Healthcare Award Banquet". His company was motivated by the joint commitment to making a difference in patient care, he said highlighting that he was "happy to see these efforts recognized by our partners, customers and now by Frost & Sullivan."  

Among the awards conferred were those for product innovation, technology, customer service and market leadership. With more than 40 international industry delegates, the event has established itself as a high-level networking platform for Europe’s healthcare industry.

Keynote speaker Dr. Keith Schlagbauer, Manager of Frost & Sullivan's Healthcare Unit, noted that globally, healthcare is facing considerable challenges to the existing paradigms under which care is administered to patients. He said that these challenges lay primarily in the areas of unsustainable cost increases and changing demographics, while the focus of healthcare must shift from treatment to prevention.
"We are without doubt in the early phase of a revolution which will see significant improvements in quality of life of populations on a global basis," said Dr. Schlagbauer. The 15 companies that received an award this year were all showing a strong commitment to this aim, he said.

Technology leadership awards were given to Capsule Technologie and Ziehm Imaging, while ACIST Medical Systems and T.B.R. Group were honoured for exceptional innovations. GE Healthcare received the European Patient Monitoring Industry Innovation and Advancement Award. Philips Healthcare picked up the Kenyan Medical Device Market Leadership Award, while the Market Penetration Leadership Award for the global radiology information systems market was bagged by Carestream Health.

Carestream Health's European Market Communication Manager Volker Keller said that his company was focusing on streamlining workflows and promoting clinical excellence in order to allow its customers to focus on patient care. "We have made significant investments over the last several years and we will continue to invest. Our team will continue listening to customers and helping them solve their problems and take advantage of their opportunities. We thank Frost & Sullivan for this recognition and we thank our many customers who have trusted us."

Customer-based initiatives were also given their due at the award's ceremony with being lauded for its customer service innovation and Merck Serono - a division of Merck KGaA - acknowledged for its efforts in customer value enhancement.

The full list of award-winners is available here:

To identify the recipients of the awards, Frost & Sullivan’s analyst team tracks market share gain, increase in sales, and brand awareness efforts within the industry. This is accomplished through interviews with market participants, end-user studies and extensive secondary research, according to the company.


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