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New AI-powered ultrasound device presented at SIRM 2024

Medical imaging specialist Esaote has unveiled its new MyLab E80 ultrasound device.

mylab e80 ultrasound sysem

Image source: Esaote

The unveiling took place at the 51st SIRM Congress 2024 (Allianz MiCo Convention Center, Milan – Stand I-03), the first time the three scientific societies in the field of radiology (SIRM, AIMN, AIRO) have come together for their first joint Congress, entitled “The Next Generation”. 

Another step forward in terms of innovation, MyLab E80 is the first ultrasound system in Esaote’s brand-new E series. The ‘E’ stands for Expertise, referring to a series of devices designed for professionals who deal with more complex clinical cases, where diagnostic certainty and clinical efficiency play a decisive role. 

This ultrasound scanner guarantees intuitive workflow management, with advanced AI-powered automation features to speed up repetitive operations and simplify complex functions. Doctors can therefore conduct more thorough examinations based on images with a very high level of detail. The system also comes with fusion imaging technology, for the assessment of liver disease and breast lesions.

The agile and fast MyLab E80 and its versatile and mobile advanced features embodies our new vision as part of our ongoing commitment to providing high-quality healthcare

Mariagrazia Bella

MyLab E80 integrates the Augmented Insight functions of the MyLab X90 and provides users with options of a conventional or touchscreen control panel, in line with the innovative selection launched in the A Series. "The agile and fast MyLab E80 and its versatile and mobile advanced features embodies our new vision as part of our ongoing commitment to providing high-quality healthcare. We have therefore improved the reproducibility, efficiency and diagnostic accuracy of our ultrasound scanners,” stated Mariagrazia Bella, Marketing Director for Italy. “MyLab E80 is designed to adapt to any healthcare environment. With five probe connectors and custom configurations, it's ideal for both routine and advanced examinations. The battery offers autonomous scanning at full power, while the modern touch panel simplifies cleaning procedures, ensuring adaptability even in the most demanding environments.” 

MyLab E80 completes the renewal of the range of ultrasound scanners developed by Esaote, alongside the MyLab X90, MyLab A70 and MyLab A50. In line with its new brand identity and slogan of “Health with Care”, Esaote confirms its mission and the sense of care and empathy with which it approaches its everyday work, to improve people's well-being. 

Source: Esaote SPA


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