Esaotes product presentation at the EACVI congress held by the European...
Esaote's product presentation at the EACVI congress held by the European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging in Barcelona

Image source: Esaote

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Latest solutions for cardiac imaging presented at EACVI

At the EACVI congress in Spain, medical imaging specialist Esaote unveiled, among other solutions, its new portable ultrasound system MyLabOmega eXP, which features advanced cardio tools and AI-powered automation.

The company also showcased Suitestensa CVIS, an all-in-one cardiovascular management solution for enterprises, and Caas Qardia, a cutting-edge echocardiography software platform, the latter two respectively developed by Ebit and Pie Medical Imaging (PMI), the subsidiaries of the Esaote Group focused on Medical IT.

Artificial Intelligence, advanced quantification tools, enhanced connectivity for better data sharing and remote consultation are the key features that the Esaote Group is investing heavily for cardiovascular imaging in order to provide clinicians with efficient and accurate analysis tools. 

Advanced imaging processing tools, portability and connectivity are the strong points of this scanner, aimed at meeting the needs of tomorrow’s healthcare systems

Martina Cereseto

Thanks to Augmented Insight solutions, the new ultrasound system presented in Barcelona delivers precise quantification while reducing elaboration time and overall examination time, the manufacturer reports. According to Esaote, the solution offers best-in-class diagnostic capability and high-level flexibility to cardiologists and mobile service professionals, anytime and anywhere with its CV-dedicated configuration. “Advanced imaging processing tools, portability and connectivity are the strong points of this scanner, aimed at meeting the needs of tomorrow’s healthcare systems,” said Martina Cereseto, Global Product Manager at Esaote. “Furthermore, the new generation of XCrystal transducers enables the acquisition of detailed images with high temporal and spatial resolution, thus enhancing  diagnostic confidence in any clinical setting, from private echo-labs to hospitals, and from general cardiology departments to ICU, CCU, emergency rooms and Point-of-Care units”. 

Sharing data and information between different hospital departments or between different health facilities is one of the main features of Suitestensa, the enterprise-wide system developed by Ebit. Encompassing all workflows, exams, images and postprocessing, the Suitestensa CVIS platform is designed to be the most comprehensive patient-oriented approach to all cardiology specialties: Cardiac Catheterization, Interventional Cardiology, Echocardiography, ECG, Arrhythmology, General Cardiology, and Cardiovascular Surgery. Complementing patient workflow management, the platform includes a complete telemedicine and remote monitoring module. 

AI-driven workflows aimed at automating key clinical echocardiography measurements are one of the distinctive features of Caas Qardia, the latest product line launched by PMI that excels at myocardial strain analysis, stress-echo, diastolic function assessment, and (PISA) valve analysis. 

PMI integrates its AI-driven ventricular volumetric and strain analysis into Esaote’s MyLab scanners to facilitate on-cart echocardiographic analysis. 

At the EACVI Congress, PMI also showcased 4D Flow cardiac MRI analysis (Caas MR Solutions) and CT/3DTEE-based pre-procedural transcatheter planning (3mensio). 

Source: Esaote


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