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News • Coronavirus in EHR data

COVID-19 data saves lives in Spain

HM Hospitales, a leading Hospital Group in Madrid, decided to provide the international scientific community with totally anonymized health data regarding patients being treated for the SARS-CoV-2 virus in their facilities.

From April, 25th onwards, the ‘COVID data save lives’ contents will be distributed online, free of cost and other access barriers to worldwide health care institutions, universities, and scientific organizations in order to help them developing a comprehensive clinic knowledge, adhering to guidelines and protocols in patient management during this pandemic. HM Hospitales will release 2,157 de-identified EHRs that account several interactions during COVID-19 treatment, such as diagnoses, treatments, inpatient care, ICU stay, discharge and/or Exitus, along with many other factors including laboratory results and medical imaging.

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Since most existent databases related to COVID-19 mainly focus on demographics, this project will become relevant to health care and scientific practitioners by guaranteeing them availability of clinical data to build a broader and more reliable analysis of SARS-CoV-2’s behavior.

The main purpose of ‘COVID data save lives’ is to make progress discovering new insights about the virus, combining clinic data, artificial intelligence and expert research processing to propose models for predicting virus evolution, epidemiology, treatment response (and no-response) and vaccine development to help population to battle against the virus.

The clinical data sets will scale over the coming weeks and months to eventually aggregate millions of data points that will be updated and curated until the pandemic is over. 

To access this initiative, it is mandatory to submit an application via e-mail to which will be assessed by the HM Hospitales Data Science ethics committee.

Source: HM Hospitales


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