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Breathing life into patient care

As a world leading manufacturer of medical devices, the subclassification of Contec Medical products includes numerous series for multi-parameter monitoring, ECG, oximeter, blood pressure, telemedicine health, respiratory sleep, and more.

With the frequently increasing occurrence of respiratory diseases, Contec Medical reports on its great efforts in the research and development of related diagnostic and treatment equipment. Resulting products include:

Breathing life into patient care

The Contec brand oxygen generator machine – newly upgraded, to ensure stable performance, plus a blood oxygen monitoring function and atomisation treatment function, the company notes: ‘the three-stage filtration system ensures clean oxygen production.’ The upgrade also ensures ‘a long service life, with continuous oxygen supply for 10,000 hours.’ Shutdown time can be controlled and various alarm functions ensure safe oxygen supply. ‘It can be widely used by families, health centres, hospitals, sanatoriums, fitness centres, bars, oxygen bars, plateau outposts, sports training centres and other places,’ Contec adds.

The Infusion Pump SP750 – Following an upgrade and production in fine materials with enhanced texture, this device is compact and lightweight, weighing only 1.65kg. ‘Easy to operate, with a long working life, the high-precision flow control and comprehensive alarm system can improve infusion accuracy and safety,’ Contec points out.

Breathing life into patient care


The Compression Atomiser ‘meets the traditional market demand, stable in shape, strong and durable, low noise, waterproof grade IP22, suitable for families, clinics and hospitals,’ the manufacturer confirms.

The Mesh Atomiser – smaller and lighter, with ergonomic design, this device can be held in one hand. ‘The battery and DC5V power supply can be atomised anytime and anywhere, with a median particle size of 3.7 micron, maximising atomisation efficiency and reducing drug waste. Working silently, a baby can benefit from atomisation without disturbance.'

Breathing life into patient care

The pulmonary function instrument – ‘For patients with airway obstruction, especially asthmatics with large variability, the International Health Organisation strongly recommends long-term monitoring of lung function. The development of hand-held electronic pulmonary function instrument realises the family measurement needs of lung function parameters.’

Contec recently launched two lung function devices, and both can upload data to smart phones via Bluetooth for data analysis and trend analysis. ‘To achieve the measurement of eight important parameters that mainly reflect the pulmonary function (FVC, FEV1, FEV1/FVC, PEF, FEF25, FEF50, FEF75 and FEF2575), the ratio of the measured value to the expected value can be used to indicate the condition of the tester. The lithium battery version also supports uploading USB data to a computer to achieve data storage, upload, delete and review. This is in line with the latest international ATS/ERS standards with accurate performance,’ Contec confirms.

Source: Contec Medical Corporation


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