Olympus Surgical Technologies Europe

From 1 April 2010, the Olympus Group will be pooling its expertise in the field of minimally invasive diagnostics and therapy under a common “Olympus Surgical Technologies Europe” umbrella. To this end, Olympus Winter & Ibe GmbH, Celon AG and Olympus Medical Products Czech SPOL. S.R.O. will be joining forces to accomplish a shared presence under a new, single brand.

Copyright: Olympus Surgical Technologies Europe
Copyright: Olympus Surgical Technologies Europe
Copyright: Olympus Surgical Technologies Europe
Copyright: Olympus Surgical Technologies Europe

From its corporate headquarters in Hamburg and at other locations in Teltow (near Berlin)  and Přerov (Czech Republic), Olympus Surgical Technologies Europe plans to set up a  European group of companies in order to ensure its ongoing future growth and to extend  its position in the world market in the field of minimally invasive diagnostics and therapy.
“We have decided to take this step to reinforce our existing network, pool our pan-European expertise and delineate our profile more clearly with a view to competing on an international  scale and enhancing the level of external brand awareness,” said Heinz Jacqui,  Executive Managing Director of Olympus Surgical Technologies Europe, on the company’s  strategic positioning under a new umbrella brand.

Being a high-tech specialist for minimally invasive diagnostics and therapy,  Olympus Surgical Technologies Europe is the development and production centre within the Olympus Group for endoscopy, high-frequency surgery, systems integration in the operating theatre (ENDOALPHA) and instrument reprocessing for the global market. The newly organised group of companies combines core fields of expertise such as research and development, production
and service as well as distribution and training.

In addition, Olympus Surgical Technologies Europe plans to rely on strategic partnerships within the Olympus Group. For instance, the European Research & Development department of the Gyrus Group has been managed
via the Hamburg headquarters since its acquisition in 2008. With its “see & treat” solutions, amongst other things this specialist for energy products is striving towards extending high-frequency surgery to include the field of endoscopy as an ideal complement to its range of products and services.

Olympus Surgical Technologies Europe combines enterprises that have made a key contribution to the development of high-frequency surgery. This technology for minimally invasive operations is one of the central future fields of medical technology, with applications that have already revolutionized the market and therapies today. This concentration of forces produces far-reaching synergies that enable the limits of minimally invasive diagnostics and therapy to be substantially extended, laying the foundations for continual innovations for the benefit of patients.


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