Agena Bioscience GmbH

Gasstraße 18, Haus 5
22761 Hamburg

Tel: +49 40 899676-0


Video • LIMA project

Agena Bioscience’s liquid biopsy technology awarded Horizon 2020 grant

Agena Bioscience, a global provider of molecular genetic solutions, announced it has been selected to participate as an innovative technology provider in the ‘Liquid biopsies and IMAging for…


Article • Mass Spectrometry

Circulating biomarkers – the great white hope of liquid biopsy

About six years ago, liquid biopsy appeared on the diagnostic lab stage. Last December, a seminar offered by Agena Bioscience in Frankfurt, Germany, was set to explore the enormous potential of this…


Sponsored • Mass spectrometry

Rapid, reliable cancer diagnostics

Cancer patients today can benefit from much better drugs providing treatments tailor-made to specific mutations. However, broad application is still hampered by a considerable bottleneck: fast,…

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