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Beckman Coulter · DxA 5000 Fit

Sample throughput: up to 375 tubes / h

At a time when up to 75 percent of lab errors take place pre-analytically, laboratories can benefit from comprehensive workflow automation. For this reason, Beckman Coulter developed the DxA 5000 Fit, an automation system that offers an improved approach to laboratory workflow by making intelligent automation accessible to labs of virtually any size. The DxA 5000 Fit leverages DxA 5000 technology, providing the benefit of intelligent automation to midsize labs in a compact footprint.

The DxA 5000 Fit drives speed and accuracy, all while maintaining a small footprint. It eliminates up to 80% of the manuel steps associated with processing a patient sample, allowing you to keep your focus on what matters most: patient care.

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