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Canon · Xario 100G

Frequency range: 1.8 –18 MHz
Display mode: 2D / 3D / 4D
Display size: 21.5"


  • Up to 4 hours battery autonomy, two seconds startup from standby, 21.5 inch wide screen display 
  • High Density Beamformer, Precision Imaging, ApliPure+, Differential THI, Tissue Enhancement, Advanced Dynamic Flow 
  • 4D-imaging; surface rendering, MPR, MultiView, Freehand 3D, Luminance 
  • Realtime elastography, Auto IMT, Stress Echo Point of Care Ultrasound applications 
  • iStyle+ productivity suite with fully customizable panel, agile housing, height selectable console, Quick Start, Quick Scan & Quick Assist, Extensive line-up of transducers

Canon Medical Systems Europe B.V.

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