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DR • Agfa

Agfa · DR 600 (ceiling suspended)

Power: 40 / 50 / 65 / 80 kW
Detector type: CsI / GOS
Pixel size: <150 μm


  • Intelligent, high productivity, fully automated DR system
  • Agfa’s SmartXR features lighten the workload and provides a helping hand for fast, smooth image acquisition
  • Excellent user-friendly 10 inch tube head display with preview image
  • Detector CsI technology with dose reduction potential
  • Tilting wallstand bucky with vertical tracking, holders for patient convenience and colli mator light switch
  • High-productivity, top-of-the-line, direct radiography system with motorized auto-positioning.
  • “Musica processing” provides superior contrast detail and consistent, exam independent image quality
  • Automatic versions support DR detectors in the wall stand and table with optional additional integrated CR
  • Digital Tomosynthesis


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