1.5 Tesla • Canon Medical Systems Europe B.V.

Canon · Vantage Fortian 1.5T

Gradient: 33 mT / m
Slewrate: 155 mT / m / s
Channels: 128


  • Patient friendly 71 cm wide bore and silent scanning with Pianissimo Zen 
  • Fully integrated Deep Learning Reconstruction: Advanced intelligent Clear-IQ Engine (AiCE). AiCE produces exceptionally detailed MR images with high SNR 
  • Auto Scan Assist solutions for automated scan-planning and increased productivity 
  • Easy to clean gloss coating aids sterilization and disinfection requirements 
  • Enhanced workflow with WalkLink Solutions. Tablet UX to move MR console anywhere and ceiling camera to automate patient positioning 
  • This product will be available on our website soon

Canon Medical Systems Europe B.V.

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