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Zybio Inc.

Zybio – Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit


The kits are designed for samples from different sources. Besides regular manual operation kit, there are also pre-filled and ready-to-use kits that are available for Zybio automatic isolation systems, which make nucleic acid extraction easier and much faster.

  • Flexible extraction method, manual operation and to operate with nucleic acid isolation system (EXM3000 and EXM6000)
  • Fast extraction speed, only 9–12 minutes for 32–96 samples by Zybio isolation systems
  • Multi-sample types, such as serum, plasma, nasopharyngeal swab, cell preservation solution, tissue fluid, urine, secretions, etc.
  • High nucleic acid recovery rate (≥90%), high repeatability

Zybio Inc.

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