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Zybio Inc.

Zybio - M1000 Automated Liquid Pipetting Robotics

Dimensions: 750 × 560 × 810 mm (d × w × h)

Sample throughput: 16 sample tubes per load

Tip loading/ejection: automatic

Daily throughput: over 3,500 samples

Typical application: liquid pipetting, serial dilution, plate filling, pre-amplification setup


  • Multi-functional with fast speed, as fast as within 4 minutes
  • HEPA filter and UV system to eliminate aerosol pollutant
  • Machine boot self-check, state self-check and auto error alarm
  • Tip loading & ejection real-time monitoring
  • Adopted with intelligent air pressure sensor as well as liquid level sensor, makes pipetting highly accurate

Zybio Inc.

No. 6 Taikang Road, Block C, Jianqiao Industrial Park, Dadukou District
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