Touch-less sensor dispenser

The Japanese firm Saraya, which for 50 years has successfully manufactured hygiene products and programmes for healthcare, facility management and the food industry, has launched a touch-less hand disinfection unit in Europe. According to Mr ter Woort, General Manager, Saraya Europe, the company has already sold over 100,000 of these units in Asia & the USA.

Photo: Touch-less sensor dispenser

The battery-powered Sensor Dispenser UD-1000, which can be installed to stand or hang anywhere, has infrared sensors that recognise hands then release an adjustably exact volume of disinfectant spray that hits nails and cuticles - areas where most bacteria could be.

The alcohol-based Saraya Hand & Skin Disinfectant, which, the firm reports, minimises transient flora and transmission of pathogens, is suitable for ‘reliable hand hygiene and surgical disinfection’.

Along with the skin and hand disinfectant, the firm’s automatic and manual dispensers for liquid and foam soap, plus its antibacterial gel and hand lotion, are already available in Europe, and it plans to introduce a surface disinfectant and scrub (for extremely dirty hands) shortly.

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