The ProSound a7

With over 200,000 ultrasound systems delivered worldwide, ALOKA, which has been a leading innovator in ultrasound for half a century, continues to enhance the ProSound family of high performance products. At MEDICA this year, the company is introducing its latest development: the ProSound a7. To deliver high definition images on a LCD monitor, ease of use and a compact form design, the ProSound a7 combines innovative technologies with renowned reliability and high industry standards of the ProSound platforms.

Photo: The ProSound a7

The new system was developed to meet the needs of modern imaging departments for daily patient care where examination time and workflow must be continuously optimised. To deliver higher patient throughput, the ProSound a7 offers a user friendly design for multiple users. It consists of user-customisable panel switches, a virtual keyboard to make entries via the touch panel, the integration of a gain knob and freeze switch, which can easily freeze images, and fast access to all frequently-used keys, arranged around a trackball. The reporting functions for individual applications reduce the time required for a series of examinations. A comprehensive data management system with high-level DICOM network compatibility provides efficient imaging and data administration.
With important breakthrough flow display technology, the system offers Directional eFLOW, D-eFLOW, a new innovative blood flow capture and display mode offering increased accuracy in blood flow detection of low velocity flow as well as acute acceleration non-invasively.

Aloka has also developed a technique that not only helps early detection of atherosclerosis but also helps to identify patients who are prone to the indication even before the usual clinical symptoms appear. Echo tracking, eTRACKING, is a proven technique that picks RF echo signals from blood vessels, tracks the motion of the vessel walls, and measures changes in blood vessel diameter. Important parameters such as Pulse Wave Velocity, Augmentation Index, and Stiffness are measured in one step, non-invasively, with an extremely high degree of accuracy.
ProSound a7 offers sophisticated cardiovascular examination functions such as the KI/A-SMA function that automatically traces the endocardium for quantitative assessment of wall motion based on the area change of the cardiac cavity segments or a TDI analysis, which let the region of interest follow the same point on the myocardium at any time phase of the cardiac cycle; this enhances the accuracy of wall motion velocity analysis. Accuracy is also ensured for the asynchrony measurement, because of the high frame rate which leads to an optimal time phase analysis in the M-mode, the D-mode and TDI.
Areas of use:
The ProSound a7 offers ultrasound imaging applications in radiology, internal medicine, obstetrics & gynaecology, cardiovascular and other specialist ultrasound-guided procedures.
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