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New, sterile and single-use tools

The House Curette and Rosen Needle

Award-winning UK manufacturer of sterile single-use surgical instruments, DTR Medical are showcasing their new House Curette and Rosen Needle at Medica this year.

‘The House Curette includes sharp, dual action tips that scrape and scoop tough cortical bone during middle ear procedures,’ the firm explains. ‘The double-ended stainless steel instrument has clearly labelled 2.0 and 3.0mm ends, giving the surgeon the flexibility they need.

‘To enhance control, the Curette is engineered with flat, serrated 180mm handles to increase functionality, enabling ease of entry within the ear cavity.’

Also in DTR’s expanded ENT range is a new sterile single-use Rosen Needle.

‘Constructed to create a clean incision in the ear drum when used during surgeries such as Tymplanoplasty, the Needle offers a sharp tip that ensures precision you can rely on in delicate operations,’ the manufacturer points out.

DTR Medical Ltd is at Medica

Hall 16. Stand 42


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